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Grand Forks Sion Cemetery Society

History of the Doukhobor Cemetery

Settlement in the Grand Forks area was approximately in 1908. The cemetery was originally run by the Cristian Community of Universal Brotherhood and later by the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ USCC. In 1913, the Sion Cemetery Society was formed to operate the cemetery. The society consists of 5 volunteer board members. Today it is called the Sion Cemetery, a tribute to the Settlement Area known by that name.


The Sion Cemetery is located 5 kilometers west of Grand Forks on Highway 3. (map) The cemetery is wooded on the south side with pine trees along the river, and a caragana hedge along the north side or highway. The size of the cemetery is 8 acres. At present there are 120 rows running from east to west. There are over 2000 graves including cremations. Some of the graves and cremations are unmarked,  due to the deterioration of some of the old headstones. To date there are a total of 1649 marked graves and cremation sites.

To locate a grave site first go to the Surnames list, that will give you the Row number, next go to the Rows list where you can find where in the row the location of the grave site is.

Surnames List